EBH up to date

August 2016

Follow-up order from STAR CRUISES

With pleasure EBH received the order for the second new build of the Chinese shipping company.


The GENTING World will be equipped like the sister vessel GENTING DREAM with audio-software, video- and music content solutions.

Delivery will be autumn 2017.

April 2016

VIKING orders background music software for 3rd ship

VIKING SKY will be equipped by EBH! Thanks for the order!


We are very proud that we got this order as well. The delivery of the VIKING SKY will take place in spring 2017.

March 2016

Successful approval of the 2. VIKING ocean liner VIKING SEA

We are very happy that we again convinced with our technology and the audio concept. The acceptance of the VIKING SEA was successful just like the one on the VIKING STAR. The team of EBH is expecting the next order for the ocean liner VIKING SKY this year.

January 2016

Mister Spex decides for EBH audio concept

Mister Spex the leading internet optician of Europe starts with an audio concept developed by EBH with the chain store business.

We are pleased with the order to equip the first master store in Berlin and from now on all further stores in Germany and Europe.

November 2015

Fleet of Viking River Cruises grows up to 7 new ships

The team of EBH thanks VIKING River Cruises for the follow-up order of 7 river cruise ships. The Alruna, Egil, Osfried, Tialfi and Vilhaljm will cruise on the Rhine/Main/Danube, the Kadlin and Rolf will cruise in France. EBH is again delivering the entertainment software ROSI BMS.

November 2015

Scenic ordered software for three more ships

This cooperation continually expanded and EBH is pleased with the new order of the SCENIC Amber (Germany) and SCENIC Azure (Portugal). Both ships will start their season in 2016. EBH is delivering the entertainment software.

November 2015

VAPIANO Manchester opens restaurant with EBH audio concept

After the successful installation of VAPIANO Fürth (Germany) EBH also equipped VAPIANO Manchester (England) with an audio concept. In addition to the acoustic planning and delivery of the whole audio equipment the music editors created a special Vapiano Manchester music concept. Enjoy your meal!

October 2015

EMERALD extended the existing fleet

EBH also signed a fleet wide contract with EMERALD Waterways. We are happy to equip the new build EMERALD Belle. The delivery takes place in January 2016. The Belle will start in April for its maiden voyage.

October 2015

EBH starts ROSI BMS on the Norwegian Escape

Only 4 month preparation time was given to the team of EBH for the new build project NCL Escape and they made a spot landing! They delivered the 24 channel background music system ROSI BMS 5 days before the maiden voyage.

September 2015

Cooperation with Baby One grows continuously

In September the 32. "BabyOne" store ordered EBH's music system. BabyOne is one of Germanys leading baby and children speciality market. At the beginning of 2015 they decided for a long-term cooperation with EBH. Since then both companies are working together on the audio marketing concept.

June 2015

STAR CRUISES ordered BGM system for the Chinese Dream

EBH is pleased about a new customer. STAR CRUISES is the leading cruise vendor for Asia. After intense checking STAR CRUISES decided for the concept of the EBH Radio Software GmbH.

For the new build Chinese Dream which is under construction EBH will deliver an enormous entertainment solution. The entry into service will be in spring 2016.

If EBH can satisfy the expectations of STAR CRUISES the order can get rolled out at the next new build (delivery midyear 2017).

September 2013

VIKING River Cruises has ordered 14 new software licensees


EBH announces an order of VIKING River Cruises, Basel for another 14 ROSI Background software licensees. ROSI Background manages the background music on cruiseline ships as well as in hotels.


After VIKING's first order (Dec. 12) EBH covers now 25 VIKING ships with this software.


The order has to be fulfilled until March 2014.

July 2013

EBH releases new interface to Myriad

After 3 months of intensive work, EBH has released a new interface to MYRIAD – one of the leading studio automation software in England. Soundfile pre-listening, automatic import of new tracks, playlist handling and re-conciliation processing is part of this new interface.


Imagine FM is the first customer in Manchester using this new tool.

June 2013

Imagine FM starts working with REPERTOIRE

Imagine FM, Manchester starts the productive work with REPERTOIRE.


They tested the software for a period of 4 months before. During this time EBH developed a new interface to the studio system “Myriad”.


EBH welcomes a new customer in England.

May 2013

Beate Uhse chooses the audio marketing of EBH

After a European wide research Beate Uhse Einzelhandels GmbH decides to go for ROSI BMS in May 2013.


Beate Uhse is the leading company for sex toys in Europe.


From now on EBH manages the audio marketing for the German branches. The plan for the future is to increase to all European stores in autumn 2013.

April 2013

From 6 up to 9

EBH is happy to deliver the next 3 entertainment solutions to VIKING River Cruises. With these 3 ships the order is almost completed. The ships:








were equipped with ROSI BMS (background music software) system.

March 2013

2nd Viking tranche delivered

VIKING River Cruises receives the second delivery for the new builds right on time before the christening.


ROSI BMS (background music software) is now on the ships:






VIKING Forseti


EBH sends the best wishes for these new ships!

February 2013

EBH delivers the 1st tranche for Viking River Cruises

From the assignment of 10 ships EBH delivers the first 3 in February 2013.








From now on ROSI BMS (background music software) arranges the music ambience on board for the foreign guests.

January 2013

Kiss FM Rumania extends the FastNews network

After 1 year of road-tests KISS FM, the leading private radio station of Romania, has decided to extend the FastNews network for 20 more cities.


The real time network includes now over 30 cities.


FastNews is a news desk software and enables the user to use a realtime network over the whole country.


The software is installed since 1989 and belongs to the worldwide most used news-room solution.

December 2012

Viking fleet contract for entertainment software

EBH is glad to get an interesting assignment. After a testing period of 3 month Viking River Cruises decided to equip all 10 new buildings in 2013 with ROSI Background.


ROSI BMS (background music software) is one of the leading software solutions for background music on cruise line ships and hotels.


EBH will deliver the first installations in spring 2013.

November 2012

AMA Waterways orders entertainment software

EBH gets the second order for an installation of ROSI BMS for the ship AMAPrima in 2012.


The delivery for AMA Waterways will be in February 2013. EBH is delighted about this contract.


Both companies are discussing an extension of this contract for the whole fleet.

September 2012

Radio Haferwende On Air

EBH Radio Software is not just only developing software for radio and television. We are also taking active part as a technical partner for event broadcasting.


On the 15th of September 2012 our studio was at the “Sommerende in der Haferwende” doing a 10 hours live program.


Our own 500 Watts transmitter and the antenna engineering made it possible to receive the program far away from Bremen’s border.


We got many calls during the show and this proves us that the “fascination of radio broadcasting” is still alive. Event broadcast is an interesting alternative to normal radio.

August 2012

AVALON VISTA River Cruise gets a ROSI Background installation

Globus Cosmos (Switzerland) chooses to install ROSI Background on the ship AVALON Vista river cruise after long and intensive discussions.


The delivery of the software takes place immediate.


EBH wishes all the time great entertainment to the guests of AVALON Vista.

July 2012

Shipping Company VIKING ordered ROSI Background

EBH is happy to welcome a new client! The shipping company VIKING ordered ROSI Background for their new ship VIKING Aegir.


They got convinced by the voluminous control equipment which eliminates the repetition of music tracks and the flexible and easy handling.


EBH is having good chances to equip the other eight new cruise liners with the software as well.

May 2012

EBH starts selling broadcast studios to the German football league

From now on every football club can open its own broadcast studio. With the use of a mobile app, internet or an fm frequency each club station can go online.


EBH cleared at a complex procedure the admission standards of each media institution and provides a ready-for-use studio for each football club.


The studio contains its own fm broadcast transmitter including antenna technology. It allows each football club to send three hours before and two hours after the home match. Get in touch with EBH for more information.

April 2012

EBH produces a live-recording during jazzahead 2012, Bremen.

EBH is glad about the assignment of jazzahead Bremen to produce concert recordings for the following artists:

Cecile Verny
Kolektiv Istanbul
Simin Tander
Sara Colman

jazzahead is the 25th organiser that orders digital recordings at EBH. Thanks a lot!

More information is available at jazzahead, Bremen or from EBH Radio Software GmbH, Bremen.

March 2012

SBS Broadcasting Media S.R.L assigned thirteens FastNews license

EBH is glad about a further assignment of SBS Broadcasting Media S.R.L. The news network which was installed in the beginning of 2011 with central news-headquarter in Bucharest and 12 outside locations will be extended up a 13th outside location in Chisinau.

The technical idea that every epmloyee of a regional outside location is permenenty linked to the central station in Bucharest, has convinced all editors. EBH wishes the best of luck to SBS!

February 2012


This is the first year, that EBH exhibit on this fair. From 11th until 15th February 2012 the exhibition Stuttgart will be the trendscout for hoteliers, restaurateurs, caterer, pastry cooks and owner of ice cream shops.


You will find us at hall 8 booth A30. We are looking forward to your visit!

December 2011

Shipping company AMA Waterways GmbH

After an intensive test the Swiss Shipyard decided to equip for the first time one of their river cruise ships, the MS Amacerto, with ROSI Background. The delivery will take place just in 2011. EBH is pleased to welcome the AMA Waterways GmbH, as new customer.


With a successful acceptance, further orders will be holding out.

November 2011

Shipping Company A-ROSA

Now, the new vessel of the Rostock shipyard, the A-ROSA Silva, will be also equipped with ROSI Background and ROSI DJ. The guests of the shipping company A-ROSA will be able to enjoy on all ten river cruise vessels the fabulous music ambience designed by ROSI entertainment solutions.


The EBH team is grateful for the renewed confidence. We are looking forward to further collaboration.

October 2011

SBS Broadcasting Media S.R.L.: 14 new FastNews licenses

The Romanian leading broadcaster bond decided to build a national network up from the central editorial team. Therefore, all the other fourteen locations will be connected with the headquarter. The journalists can now take part on the news design and other program elements whether in which outside studio they are at the moment.

The time of realizations is planned for October / November 2011.

September 2011

"End of Summer in the Haferwende"

On the 17th Setember 2011 at 10.00 o´clock the kick off from the first "End of Summer in the Haferwende" will begin. An event for the whole family with a lot of fun, sports, games and culinary delights.


EBH will bring this event into radio with the company´s mobile radio station.

September 2011

IBC 2011

As every year, EBH attended with its own booth on the largest broadcast fair in the world in Amsterdam. "On board" were the latest developments in FastNews, REPERTOIRE21st , AutoCast, ROSI Background, ROSI Broadcast and ROSI DJ. As a premiere ROSI Video Commander was shown.

Our heartfelt thanks to all visitors on our booth for many interesting conversations.

June 2011

NDR Kultur: REPERTOIRE21st successfully installed
After many years using REPERTOIRE 7 the classical music station in Hamburg upgraded to REPERTOIRE21st, EBH´s latest gerneration of music scheduling software.


The EBH is grateful for the renewed confidence and the extension of the now ongoing for twenty years of cooperation.

May 2011

German Chamber Philharmonic Bremen live recorded at "Bremer Glocke"

EBH thanks for the order to record the concert "size and secrey", performed from the "German Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra" on May, 14th 2011.

April 2011

SBS Broadcasting Media S.R.L: FastNews put into operation successfully
Since 29th of April 2011 the three romanian radio stations Kiss FM, Magic FM and Rock FM produce their radio shows with FastNews.

The software installation contains of the news production (seven user licences) and the production of the DJ run down list for all three programs. They bring it directly on air with FastStudio, EBH´s teleprompter software.

In a further development step next year, the external studios from seven largest cities of Romania will be connected to the central installation. Romania’s biggest Broadcasting Group will have a national news network, then.

March 2011

Fast News goes East

SBS Broadcasting Media SRL, Romania's largest private radio group ordered three FastNews licenses including Newsroom teleprompter and internet gateway.

The EBH is very pleased with these new customers and is happy to enter the Romanian market. The implementation is planned for April / May 2011.

February 2011


The new river cruiser A-ROSA BRAVA is put into operation. It is the ninth ship which takes the software ROSI DJ and ROSI Background on its "big trip ".

The EBH team is grateful for the renewed confidence of A-ROSA shipping company. We wish all guests beautiful journeys.

January 2011

Radio Krakow prolongs REPERTOIRE use

Since fifteen years Radio Krakow schedules its music successfully with REPERTOIRE. The EBH team is pleased that this long-standing customer has ordered the latest version REPERTOIRE21st and extended its commitment. Together with the distributor Z.E.P. (Zaklad Elektroakustyki Profesjonalnej), Poland all REPERTOIRE licenses will be updated to the new version in 2011.

EBH thanks the management of Radio Krakow and is proud to continuing the partnership.

September 2010

IBC 2010

EBH unveiled its all new exhibition stand as well as all the latest innovations in music scheduling, playout, staff planing and newsroom.


We would like to thank our visitors for the many interesting discussions.

August 2010

New channel on www.Gastromusik.de

Following many requests, the channel "echt Deutsch" was replaced by the channel "Lounge Affairs". It offers 24 hours a day lounge music.

The EBH team wish you many hours of pleasure listening to the new music channel.

June 2010


Shipping company Transocean

Fresh music for the MS Astor. In June, the EBH installed a complete radio studio and a new ROSI DJ and a ROSI Background license on the MS Astor. All guests will be woken up every day now with  beautiful songs played by the professional radio presenters.

The EBH wishes always a "handful of notes under the keel".

May 2010

MDR Halle

In May 2010, the MDR - Central German Broadcasting in Halle introduces the new music planning software REPERTOIRE21st into its operation, replacing the previous version of REPERTOIRE after eleven years.

EBH is grateful for the confidence the customer has shown in REPERTOIRE and looks forward to further cooperation.

March 2010

Shipping company A-ROSA

EBH equiped all eight river cruise ships from the shipping company A-ROSA (Rostock) with the Entertainment Software ROSI and put into operation a vessel wide solution.

The delivery consisted of eight software licenses each for ROSI DJ and ROSI Background. The A-ROSA guests can now enjoy a perfectly planned music atmosphere. Selected classical music and pleasant light music in all areas of the ship including the cabins which is based on the time of day, ship´s location and themes such as restaurant menus.

February 2010

FastNews certification for operating systems
Manufacturers notice

FastNews: Certification of Windows 7 is going to start

EBH Radio Software, manufacturer of the newsroom software FastNews announces updates with special developments and a certification of the software for 64bit systems.

With the introduction of new operating systems such as Windows 7, 64bit operating systems are moving into the editorial offices. The newsroom software FastNews will be prepared for 64bit routines fully until summer 2011 and will received then a full certification.

It is expected that all professional (commercial) users will start with the use of Windows 7 at the earliest after the release of a first official service pack. Therefore, the EBH will release the new FastNews version after checking the Windows 7 SP1.

Already certified is the user application for Windows XP SP3 as well as for the server components for versions 2003, 2008 and 2008R2 (for MySQL database and the RSS import services).

For more information, please contact the manufacturer.